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No matter what your idealized body goals are, there’s no denying Alexis Ren has one of the most epic beach bods out there. And while youth and genetics play a role with the 21-year old model’s killer physique, Ren reveals she works hard to stay fit and toned through diet, exercise and yoga.

Alexis Ren Diet 


“My diet consists of no bread, no fast food, no red meat, and I try to stay off sugar (besides from fruit) as much as I can. And no alcohol. I eat everything besides that! Mostly everything I eat is organic, raw good food.”

The pressure to stay thin is real for Alexis Ren who admitted to Cosmopolitan magazine she suffered from an eating disorder for several years, but now says she’s healthier, stronger and happier than ever.

Obsessed with @haleiwabowls

Under the guidance of  health & wellness coach Maggie Tanielian, Ren managed to overcome her food guilt issues and regain a healthy mindset when it comes to her daily eating habits.

Her gluten-free diet consists of a lot of organic, plant-based foods, especially smoothies and acai bowls.

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alexis-ren-diet-lunchAs a raw food enthusiast, Ren loves to eat fruit but tries to limit her daily intake of it to the mornings only.

According to nutrition experts, the morning is the best time to eat fruit considering our body undergoes a detoxification cycle between the hours of 4am-12pm.


Not only do hydrating ‘live foods’ like fruit provide a cleansing effect to aid the detox cycle, the morning is also when our glucose tolerance is at its peak. High-carb fruits like grapefruit, apples, bananas and pineapple will easily get broken down and provide an energizing boost.

Try complimenting a light morning meal with a nutritious fruit smoothie to kick to start your AM … you will feel the difference!

Rise and shine with a nutritious and energizing fruit smoothie

alexis-ren-pancakesAnother Alexis Ren staple for breakfast? Pancakes! Gluten-free, of course.

Who knew the IG model also happens to be handy in the kitchen! Check out this video she posted on her YouTube channel where she makes her own unique, healthy version of Chocolate Pancakes:

Gluten-Free Chocolate Pancakes by Chef Alexis

So what does Ren typically eat for lunch? Lean protein & vegetables.

alexis-ren-healthy-dietProtein is key when it comes to building and maintaining muscle, and the best time to consume it is right after a workout.

Ren lives an active lifestyle, so her daily protein intake would be slightly above that of the general health guidelines. An easy guideline to follow: aim to make 25% to 30% of your plate protein.

Kale salad with chicken, hummus with carrots and veggie burgers are some of her classic go-tos. Although Ren isn’t a vegetarian, she generally prefers to get her protein from plant-based sources like oatmeal, raw trail mix, almond butter, chia seeds, chickpeas and quinoa.

alexis-ren-acai-bowlShe also prefers to eat six smaller portioned meals throughout the day instead of the standard three-meal-a-day rule, always getting her snack on between meals.

Rice crackers, nuts, protein bars (Perfect Bars are her fave) and kale chips are some of the guilt-free snacks she enjoys.


Alexis Ren’s Fave Healthy Snacks


In the evening Ren likes to keep things simple, although she admits to being a picky eater when it comes to how food gets prepared at restaurants.

She doesn’t eat red meat, so a chicken or fish dish with a side of steamed veggies is fair game. That or a hearty salad with a protein-packed grain like quinoa.

The bottom line: Ren manages to keep her body fat low through diet, and she avoids eating after 7pm. According to numerous dietitians, this will help you keep a slimmer waistline.  And who doesn’t want a waistline like Alexis Ren!?!

Alexis Ren WOrkout


“I love to show off my body, and I feel like I earned it, because I work out every day. I’m really healthy, and that’s one of the things I pride myself on.”

Even though Alexis Ren has a busy schedule and spends most of her time away from home, staying healthy and fit is always a number one priority in her life.

alexis-ren-gymThere’s no excuses for the classically trained ballerina-turned-model who rises at 7am and averages a minimum of 1½ hours at the gym per day, followed by a yoga or pilates class.

When in NYC she can be spotted working out at Dogpound, or if she’s at home in LA she’ll train with her wellness coach / fitness trainer, Maggie Tanielian.

alexis-ren-gym-ratBeyond doing fat-burning aerobic exercises and resistance training at the gym, Ren likes to stay active and also enjoys dancing, hiking, skateboarding, boxing and taking self-defense classes.

Not to mention she was hardcore into ballet for over 10 years before her modeling career took off.


“It’s really not as hard as it seems. Even in the moment, just going for a walk, learning a new sport of some kind, it doesn’t have to be a situation where you’re going to work out to punish yourself. It’s not a punishment; it’s changing your mindset about what a workout is. It’s you saying thank you to your body,saying thank you for being this vehicle that your brain can walk around in.”

So what are some of Alexis Ren’s signature workout moves? We all want to know how she gets that amazingly toned physique.

alexis-ren-stretchThe good news is that you can achieve a tight & toned beach body if you stay disciplined and work hard at it like she does! You don’t even need to have a personal fitness trainer or gym membership to workout like Alexis Ren.

As shown from Ren’s fitness posts below, many of her workout moves can be done from the comfort of your home if you have the right training tools…

When in NYC… @dogpound_nyc

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Every home needs a set of barbells and/or dumbbells

Stay balanced like Alexis Ren on a bosu ball

Working my booty using a TRX with @maggietanielian 💪🏼

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Get a full-body exercise with resistance exercise products


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